In this faq we will take you through the process of securing and backing up your valuable PandaBank.

The first step is to password protect your PandaBank and encrypt your account data to protect it from hackers.

Open PandaBank, click on settings and select Encrypt PandaBank

Choose a strong password it should contain both upper and lower case letters and at least one number and one symbol(@#$!) the total should me at least 10 characters long. DO NOT FORGET THIS PASSWORD as you will lose access to your PandaBank account! When you have entered your password press Okay. Remember there is no way to recover a lost password!

You will then be prompted to confirm that you wish to proceed with the encryption and warned about the danger of forgetting your password. Press Yes.

PandaBank will then encrypt the PandaBank data which takes less than a minute and then prompt you to let you know PandaBank needs to close. Press OK and PandaBank will close.

Open PandaBank and you will now be prompted for your password. You will now be able to lock,  unlock for staking or fully unlock your PandaBank whenever you choose to.

You have now taken the first step to securing your PandaBank and PandaPND coins the next task is to make a backup of your PandaBank

It is highly recommended that you keep a copy of your backup / wallet.dat somewhere safe and off of your pc, if something happens to you pc or hard drive you will need your small backup file to restore your PandaBank.