You can check your address balance on our blockchain explorer here

If they're on our blockchain and your address is correct then you will get them. You need to be sure you are connected to our Pandacoin network and fully in sync, once your PandaBank is completely Synced all your transactions and balances should be reflected. It is always a good idea to have a backup of your PandaBank, especially if you are having a problem.

Normally Pandacoin transactions are quite fast.  If you are sending from an exchange it can be slower and or you may have to confirm the transaction.  Cryptopia for example requires you to confirm by email that you are the one making the transaction.  Check your spam folder if you don't see the email. If you are sending to Cryptopia from PandaBank the transaction can take a long time due to their extra high confirmation requirement of 200 blocks. If you are sending from our android wallet or PandaBank be sure you are synced up first for best results. 

Check your Balance, if the Balance is incorrect.

Click on Help, click Debug Window, click Console, type in repairwallet and hit enter, then check your Balance.

If your Pandacoin Balance is still not correct, could it be some of your change is hiding in a change address of yours?

If you need to you can rescan the blockchain, from a Command Prompt run pandacoin-qt.exe -rescan

will take a little while but should correct your balance info afterwards.